Landscape Maintenance in Hampton, New York

Welcome to SOIL INC. A boutique landscape company focused on landscape design and maintenance in the Hampton, New York, area. ​Your homes landscape design reflects your style preferences and allows people to enter your own private world. 
As a result, you want it to be amazing. Beautifully designed and installed landscapes not only enhance the visual experience of your property, but also add great real-estate value. SOIL INC. is a personalized landscape design and maintenance company that can bring your landscape to a place of calm oasis or colorful impact. 
Our experience over the past years of tried, tested, and proven results ​helps us rise above the rest. SOIL INC. has established a solid reputation as a trusted name in the landscape industry. 
SOIL INC., a design and landscape company, headed by Tom Janczur, was founded in 1998. Based in East Hampton, New York, SOIL INC. has serviced many influential clientele in all of the Hampton area. SOIL INC. has collaborated with prominent architects, builders, and interior designers to create landscapes that reflect the architectural style and personalities of their clients.
With creative use of positive and negative space, SOIL INC. creates gardens which emphasize texture, structure, and color. Architectural plants, sometimes without flower, and foliage of contrasting colors, are some of the specialties SOIL INC. uses in the design process. 



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East Hampton, NY 11937